The Gunnar and the Pistols Podcast

In this episode Gunnar is joined by Cris Macht to discuss The Muppets, Gina Carano and Machtails From the Cantina

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In honor of the first annual #StarWarsPodcastDay, we combine two previously unreleased segments recorded back in December.  1st Gunnar is joined by two of the "Real Fans of the Saga" Sean Hynes and Alphie Jimenez discuss the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian.  Then, Gunnar and Sean discuss the top 5 series/shows that are not yet on Disney+.

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Wide Open Mic is proud to announce a new podcast titled We Have to go Back: a Lost Rewatch Podcast.  In this episode Gunnar and Pickle are joined by the team from WHTGB (Keith Stewart, Dev Das and Future) to discuss all things television including the recent Muppet Disney+ announcement, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and discuss their top 5 TV show recommendations of all time.

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SNAP is being rebooted!!! Gunnar is joined by Kris King as they break down WandaVision episode 1.

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In this episode Hank reviews Back to the Future  (well, recaps the first 7 minutes),   talks about the Covid vaccine, and get's Gunnar canceled. 

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In this episode we teach Hank some American Phrases, we listen as Hank brings in unsolicited home work and roll our eyes as Pick thinks he's funny.

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Hank the Intern finally showed up to work as we discuss the Key Party Hank went to, his man crush with Pickle and discuss the greatest selling musical artists in US History

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In this episode the gang is live and sonically distanced in Chuck's back yard as they talk Cobra Kai, introduces everyone to the new intern Hank (kind of), and gives you reasons to not trust Mike with your money.

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In this episode Gunnar and the Lopez brothers socially distance themselves from each other as they eat sushi, talk Fortnite and talk about their favorite "Chicno" singer.

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In this episode Gunnar is joined by his good friend Danielle Cervantes as they talk about COVID from all angles and have fun expanding their musical horizons 

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Kris King returns to reminisce and talk about the top 5 shows to watch during the quarantine.

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In this episode Gunnar and Cris sit down and discuss their top three of the big 3.  As well as discuss Cris's reality show.

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In this episode, recorded right as the quarantine is started Gunnar sits down with filmmaker Cris Macht to talk about "the virus", the muppets and what they both have been listening to.

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We are back with our final installment of the GNP Anthology. In this we play several clips and unheard material.

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Gunnar and Pickle sit back and relive some of the best moments from the Gunnar and the Pistols Podcast as well as some never before heard clips.

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We actually made it to 100 episodes, and as we pay homage to my favorite music project off all time (The Beatles Anthology), we go back in time to play (Terrible) clips from Gunnar's post GNP career including old standup sets, and clips from his radio days .  

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In this episode Jeff and Gunnar break down Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther.

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In this episode Gunnar moderates two panels from Chicago Pop Culture Con with special Guest panelist Cris Macht.

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After a very long hiatus Gunnar is back and joined by Sean Hynes, Cris Macht, Alphie Jimenez and Keith Flowers, as they break down Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

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Jeff and Gunnar continue our MCU breakdown (recorded before Endgame hit theaters).  In this episode the guys breakdown Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Antman.

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Jeff and Gunnar are back as they break down two of their favorite films in the whole MCU.

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This episode starts just hours before Endgame is released. Jeff and Gunnar get all of their predictions and excite out before going to see the film.  Then jump to a couple days after the release, the guys are back and giving their initial reaction to Endgame.  

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Gunnar and Jeff are back as they continue their deep dive into the MCU.  In this marathon episode, Gunnar and Jeff review Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World.

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In the premier Episode of SNAP: A Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast Miniseries we are introduced to Gunnar and Jeff as they start their journey through the MCU.  In this episode the guys review Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain Marvel, and the first Iron Man Movie.

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Gunnar, Mike and Chuck are back as they break out not 1 but 2 Crazy Aunt stories, talk about a bunch of movies and Gunnar being stranded in Europe.  

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Gunn and the Lopi are back, and discuss Shooting Craps, Baker's Square and how good O'le FN finally got his revenge on Chuck

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GNP is back as they discuss "The Incident", the party, and give spoiler free reviews or Solo and Deadpool.

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The gang is back and Pick's is a jerk.. Mike has another Crazy Aunt story and the boys break down Avengers.

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Grab some steaming hot Coffee and warm piece of Huckleberry pie because Twin Peaks is back on the air.  Join us as we break down the new series from Showtime, and anything else Twin Peaks related.  So check your percolator for fish and come along for the ride.

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Kellie is back with Gunn and Pick as they discuss if it is weird they have seen Frankenhooker but not...

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The gang is back and discuss Kobra-Kai, the big win over the weekend and Billboard Magazines top 100 Boyband songs of all time.

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In this episode, the gang catches everyone up on their lives.  Mike and Gunnar get into fights, Friday Night Lights is leading the league and Pickle explains why he "Fu*king loves (him some) Michael W. Smith".

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Four years after GNP releases an episode on the novel Ready Player 1, Gunnar and Pickle not talk about the film adaption of said novel.  Gunn and Pick first pregame (before the movie comes out), then came back to review the film.

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In this episode the gang is back for the first time this year and they discuss Friday Night Lights, Our Favorite Black things (Glad Bags!!!) and discuss the 5 movies they are most looking Forward to. 

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In this episode Gunnar is joined by an all star cast featuring 3/4 of the cast of the "Real Fans of the Saga".  In this episode we do yet another Last Jedi Review.

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It  is that time again, time fir GNP's review if the latest Star Wars movie.  In this episode Gunnar, Pick, Mike and Chuck discuss all that is "The Last Jedi"... #sad

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In this episode the gang discuss both Justice League and Thor Ragnarock, as well as contrast the DC and Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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GNP is back with part two of our episode with the long lost Kris King, in part two Gunnar and Kris are joined by Pickle as they discuss Kris getting kicked out of school, going to Mississippi in college and discuss their Top 5 movie theater experiences of all time.

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In this episode Gunnar is joined by the long lost Kris King, they discuss Kris's time living with Gunnar's mom, Ice Cream for Breakfast, and the great Vince Vaughn story.  All this and more on the Gunnar and the pistols podcast.

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In this episode the guys say goodbye to their favorite 7 year old soccer player, talk about two soccer coaches getting ejected and in he wake of Chris Cornell's death they   do their top 5 musical influences.  

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In this spoiler filled episode the gang reviewsGuardians of the Galaxy 2.

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In this episode Gunnar is joined by his friend, comedian, Clay Sander.  Gunnar and Clay sit down to discuss Warwick Davis, the movies of Christopher Guest and the newest Paul McCartney collection.  All this and more.

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Fortunately, we are back, and we catch you up with everything you have missed since we have been dark.  From youth soccer, to a hot mandate we tell all.  Plus if that wasn't enough, the return of Crazy Aunt.  All this and more.

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We are back, and as you may have guessed it, we are bringing our Rogue 1 review show.  I am joined by Chuck, Mike, Pick, Alphie and Sean, and instead of mourning the loss of Princess we are celebrating the newest Star Wars film to hit theaters.

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In this episode Kellie, Gunna and Pickle discuss everything Halloween and the season premier of the walking dead.

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Gunnar and Pickle sit down and say farewell to an old friend

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In this episode Gunnar open boxes the greatest purchase ever made, we talk Pickle's butthole, and our top 5 guilty pleasures of all time.

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The corrected version of GNP 075... Pickle and Kellie have the night off as Gunnar and the Lopez brothers discuss kindergarten soccer and our top 5 celebrity encounters of all time.

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We are back, and chatting about Youth Soccer and the end of Disney Infinity, Gunnar's stage debuet and discuss our Top 5 fictious Bands of all time.
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In this episode the gang has the week off as I'm joined by Sean, Alphie and Cris Macht to discuss their new reality series Real Fans of the Saga.

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In this episode the gang discusses the El Guano show, their recent visits with the dentist and discuss the top 5 deaths in TV and movie History

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We are back to discuss Captain America: Civil War and keep Pickle from using the F word

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WE are digging out the archives for a lost episode recorded back in February.  In this episode we discuss our favorite marketing campaigns of all time.  Hope you enjoy.

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Kellie is back, we celebrate and mourn the loss of Prince... All this and more in GNP 069

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We are back with our long awaited reviews of Batman V Superman and Deadpool, plus we talk Rogue One trailer and the season finale of Rebels.

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In this special easter episode we play two clips from episodes that never aired.  One when Chuck was saved and his summer camp.  The other clip is from a conversation we had about boycotting worship music.

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In this episode Gunnar, Mike and Tom sit down and talk about we didn't like about Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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What does Begin Again, Beat Street and Spinal Tap have in common...? They all appear on this week's Top 5 List.  Mike, Pickle and I discuss our Top 5 non-musical, non-concert music films.

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Gunn and Pick are again joined by Mike and Chuck Lopez from El Guapo and Siri, as they play stump the chump, discuss Star Wars and laugh as Gunnar is outsmarted by a porn star,

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In this episode Gunnar and Pickle are joined by "Snacks" as they do a commentary track for the 1st episode of Wet Hot American Summer: The First Day of Camp, from Netflix.

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Pick and Gunn are again joined by Mike Lopez as they discuss Pickle's Pony, Mike's aunt and all of their greatest christmas presents of all time... who stepped on a duck.

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Merry Christmas!!! In this episode Gunnar is joined by the host of podcast present, Pickle... The hosts of podcast past, Sean and Alphie... and the host of Podcast future, Mike Lopez, from the band El Guapo.  In this episode we break down and spoil the crap out of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Merry Christmas and enjoy the show.

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After a long hiatus Gunnar and Pickle are back, and share their top 5 things we missed talking about while on hiatus.

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The Gang is joined by Gunnar's old Bible College Drinking Buddy.

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In this episode the gang discusses their top 5 most embarrasing moments

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The gang is back and recasting the new Ghostbusters movie.

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In this episode the gang plays a Top 5 Game involving the best TV theme songs of all time.

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The gang is back and they playing games... well one game... I have Never... 

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The gang wraps up our best of 2014 with our top 5 favorite things of 2014.

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In part 1 of a two part episode the gang discusses their favorite books, movies, TV shows and all of their favorite things from 2014,  In this episode the gang discusses 6-10.

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When Nick is away the gang goes scary... Kellie, Pick and Gunnar sit down and discuss their Top 5 Horror films.  All that and more.

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In this episode the gang goes back in time to their days of working at a video store... remember those?  They also listen to a Davin concert and discover another use for a red solo cup.  

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What a better way to celebrate the 50th episode of the Podcast then intoducing Kellie, who's last two attemots to be on the podcast were lost.  In this episode the gang discusses The new Star Wars title, Marvel announcements and the top 5 shows from our childhood.

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In this episode of the Gunnar and the Pistols Podcast the gang discusses all of the announced Marvel News, talk about the shows that are saying goodbye, and talk about the comic characters and storlines they want to see done right.

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The gang is finally back after a long summer hiatus.  In this episode they talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, the end of Saturday Morning Cartoons, and discuss the top 5 shows they are most looking forward to this season.

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Thor's Va-JayJay... enough said

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In this episode the gang does their discussion of Ernie Cline's masterpiece Ready Player One.

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In the episode the gang celebrates television with the first Golden Pistol Awards.

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In this episode the gang gives you a homework assignment and talk about Gary Oldman's playboy interview

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In this episode the gang talks TV and Summer movie franchises as they battle one of guys apparently stationed in Vietnam

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In this episode Gunnar is joined again by John Wallace and Tom Angelopulos as they discuss the X-Men franchise, Gunnar defends his favorite actor and the guys make fun of John for having less Facebook friends than Gunnar's mom.

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In this episode Nick informs us why he hates Maeky Mark, Gunnar gets talked off the WWE ledge and the gang discusses their top 5 dream spin offs

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In this episode the discusses the newly announced cast of Star Wars Epusode 7 as well as STF out of Raise the Titanic, and do part one of their summer movie preview... Trailer Trashed Style.

Here are the trailers

Lets Be Cops

They Came Together

Jersey Boys

22 Jump Street


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Direct download: 40_GNP_040__Ep_7_Cast.mp3
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In this episode the Gang battle a Ghost Train, STF Captain America: Winter Soldier, and find out if Gunnar is the next American Idol.

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In honor of Easter the gang sits down and listens to Gunnar's senior sermon from College.

Direct download: 38_GNP_038__Poop_Sermon.mp3
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In this episode the gang talks about Dirk Pitts, STF out of the season finale of The Walking Dead, and are joined by Cris Macht to talk about his newest documentary, as well as they takl about the top 5 films that should never be remade.

Direct download: 37_GNP_037__Nick_the_Expert.mp3
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In this episode the gang is back home, as they discuss True Dective, recast The Avengers and ask a very important question... Why is James Crying?

Direct download: 36_GNP_036__McConaissance.mp3
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In this episode, the Gang is all in Chicago for the first time together... The discuss a long thought dead headshot/bio, discuss their Chicago trip, and talk about the top 5 Chicago based movies of all time... all live (not Live!!!!) from Chicago.

Direct download: 35_GNP_035__live_From_Chicago.mp3
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In episode 34 of the Gunnar and the Pistols Podcast Sean and Alphie are back as we discuss what is in a name, talk about Clone Wars on Netflix, and talk about our guilty pleasure films from the eighties

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In this episode the gang is joined by Nick's girlfriend Libby as they discuss the movie Equilibrium, the new trailer policy and talk about the top 5 entertainers who left us too soon.

Direct download: 33_GNP_033__Gangsta_Panty_Raid_Pt.2.mp3
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In this episode Pickle kills again, the guys discuss True Romance, plays Stump the Chump and discusses the greatest ensamble casts of all time.

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In  this episode the gang turns in their homework, discuss the retirement of CM Punk and talk about the passing of Phillip Seymore Hoffman

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In this episode the gang discusses the 2014 Oscar nominations, their top 5 favorite best Oscar winners, play stump the chump and the greatness of Woody Allen

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The podcast is offically back!!! In this episode Cris and Gunnar sit down to discuss the filming locations as well as share Christmas stories.

Direct download: 03_TFWU_003__Locations_Locations_Locations.mp3
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In this episode of the Gunnar and the Pistols Podcast the gang is joined by special geust Cris Macht director of The Force Within Us and The Force Amoung us, but not to talk about his movies or Star Wars at all... instead to talk Baseball... also the gang recounts their top 5 favorite documentary/Concert films of all time...

Rock Over London

Rock on Chicago

Taco Bell... Run for the Border

Direct download: 29_GNP_029__Say_Raaaa.mp3
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In this episode the gang is joined by John Wallace and the Quiet Entertainer himself Greg Freeman to discuss the New WWE Network and share their top 5 favorite sequels of all time.

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In this episode the gang is joined by Jenny as they talk Dr. Who.  Also a Music Video edition of Stump the Chump, frozen toilets and the Top 5 Music Videos of all time

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In this episode Gunnar and Pickle look back at the best moments from 2013 including Gangsta Panty Raids, Paper Girls, quiting co hosts and more.

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Cris and Gunnar sat down and recorded a commentary track for Cris's film "The Force Within Us".

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In this episode of the Gunnar and the Pistols Podcast Sean is back as the gang talks TV, the Golden Globe nominees and share their favorite Christmas movies of all time.

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